Professional Yoga Therapy Program

The Trinity Healing Institute Advanced Yoga Therapy Program  guides trainees through a comprehensive experience that empowers, enriches, and develops an integrated approach to yoga therapy as a gold standard of yoga therapy education in becoming a C-IAYT

Trainees will enhance their craft through our flexible module training format blended with residential and virtual learning and with a practicum delivery working with clients in their community over a span of two to four years of training as time and budget allows. 

Trinity Healing Foundation's Yoga Therapy Program is currently going through the IAYT-accreditation process to provide an 800-hour yoga therapy certification program. Please see prerequisites below to apply. 



Graduates of Trinity Healing Professional Yoga Therapy Program will successfully work as holistic practitioner embracing philosophical teachings and literature in context with current integrative health sciences to develop inclusive and collaborative Yoga Therapy services that embraces all walks of life. We pair Vedic teachings with modern research to demonstrate application and relevance into health and medical arenas while equipping trainees with tools, techniques and methods to facilitate clinical Yoga Therapy.

The training program is crafted to encourage trainees to contribute to the public health landscape through blending yoga philosophies and conventional medical knowledge. Trainees are supported through the practicum to establish techniques to serve communities that equip trainees to develop a yoga therapy model and framework as a skilled Yoga Therapist

Trinity Healing Professional Yoga Therapy Program is offered through Four Residential Immersion Modules focused on speciality curriculum, Two Phases of Residential Integration Immersion Trainings, Two Phases of Virtual Integration Immersion Trainings, iRest Training, Vedic Counseling Training, Monthly Integration Check-Ins, 1:1 Mentoring and a Supervised Practicum. This format allows students to participate in the training as they can creating a schedule that works for their budget and time. 

Trainees begin to develop skills as a Yoga Therapist after enrollment through 1:1 Mentoring, access to virtual education, attending scheduled residential modules and progressing through their practicum delivery after a year in the program.

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The Trinity Healing Professional Yoga Therapy Program has the following prerequisites:

1. As this program is part of the 800 Hour Yoga Therapy Program. To apply, you must have RYT-200 or equivalent (if you are a 200 Hour Teacher you must complete our 300 Hour Training before beginning the 500 Hour level. If you are a transfer student, see details below.) 

2. You must also have a minimum of one year teaching experience 

3. You must have at least one year of personal practice. 

Transfer Students 

Transfer students are considered on a case-by-case basis. Prior to the admissions process, Transfer Candidates will be required to do a transcript evaluation, letter of recommendation with our Program Director to determine the number of transfer hours that directly relate to required yoga therapy competencies. Students entering the program at the 500-hour level will need to complete our 56 Hour Bridge which includes Adaptive Yoga Foundations and Subtle Anatomy Training at a rate of $800 to ensure cohesion amongst Yoga Therapy Training Program before beginning their 500 Hour Yoga Therapy Certification.  Depending on hours not accepted by Trinity Healing Institute, students may be required to complete modules within the 300 Hour at $550 per module or $80 per course.

Residential Training Location

Our programs are facilitated at Boerne Yoga in Boerne, Texas. Out of state students are currently able to access training through Zoom due to COVID-19 until further notice.

What career opportunities are there as a Yoga Therapist? 

Yoga Therapy is an up and coming field in Integrative Medicine and found throughout through private practice, merged into medical teams, physical therapy, stress reduction care, adjunct for mental health and so much more. Yoga Therapists serve a wide variety of conditions and works in conjunction with conventional health providers especially addressing rehabilitation, noncommunicable disease, prevention and health maintenance. Trinity Healing Institute's faculty works directly in medical care and in program development and teach from perspectives of real lived clinical yoga therapy experiences and modern health care knowledge. The field of yoga therapy continues to expand and grow for the unique person centered and holistic methods of approaching patient care, lifestyle modification and more. Graduates will be equipped to apply the many tools and knowledge gained from this program to utilize and address wellness for their clients. 


Our program offers a "pay as you go" option for the program or pay in full with a special discount. For more information on tuition and NEXT STEPS click here.

Why Choose Trinity Healing Institute

Flexible Training Schedules + Accessibility 

Through our modular format, trainees are able to move through the program at their own pace of study. As trainees progress through the program, they will receive lifetime access to Trinity Healing's online teachings and can return to content when needed. If trainees cannot attend a module immersion in person, they have the option to tune in virtually and participate through interactive live stream access. Once trainee's enroll they will receive their professional development manual that compliments their personal application of the Yoga Therapy Training and will continue receiving materials and supplies as they progress through the program. 

Our Faculty 

Our Professional Therapy Program is led by Melissa Aguirre, a Yoga Therapist with over ten years experience in the field. Mel has maintained a full-time yoga therapy practice from being stationed at Fort Bragg, NC to opening her studios in San Antonio, Texas. She has worked successfully with populations of all ages developing programs for the US Army, non-profits and clinical facilities that educate and equip providers and leadership in self referral skills and mindfulness. Her light hearted and grounded approach provides students with real-world applications of the ancient wisdom of yoga and its multi-faceted ways to be applied in our modern world. Mel offers a compassionate approach invested in her trainees focusing on mentorship, personal reflection and creative, professional integration. 

The program is also taught by professionals including: 

Desiree Whitney, an Ayurvedic Specialist with decades of experience and training in holistic and ancient wisdoms of healing. 

Renu Namjoshi, a renown Vedic teacher and astrologer with over 30 years of experience in teaching Vedic wisdom. 

Richard Miller, providing iRest education and training. 

Scott Herrera, The founder of  Soma Training Texas Institute and movement consultant to a number of professional athletes and various professional and collegiate sports organizations providing somatic training on myofascial stretching methods and more phenomenal guest teachers.  

Mentoring and Application Resources 

Our programs offer 24 hour access through our mentoring app, scheduling sessions and support to aid trainee's through reflection, application and fine tuning their skills. Our goal is for this program to serve as a personal transformation and professional upgrade for all trainees participating in the experience. We offer First Friday's once a month that allows our yoga therapy community to come together through zoom to go over specific topics and skillset to ensure that even during time away from residential learning trainees are able to apply their skills and develop their Yoga Therapy tools. 

Long-Term Support 

Graduates of Trinity Healing Institute will always be connected and first to receive opportunities for filling job requests, client requests and professional development access. Through our non-profit we are committed to amplifying our graduates professionally and providing resources to support their success as a Yoga Therapist. 


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