MISSION: Trinity Healing Foundation is on a mission to use yoga as the keystone to define, inform, and re-evolve the domains of the human experience.

APPROACH: Trinity Healing Foundation is committed to innovating and integrating mind body modalities into community wellness, research and education. 

Trinity Healing Foundation is a 501-C3 nonprofit specializing in program development, education, research, and making mind body modalities accessible to the community. 

Trinity Healing Institute authors programs and services in the domains of research, education, and making mind body modalities accessible to communities. Trinity leads in the innovative integration of yoga therapy and programing in current health care fields such as military medicine, addressing patient needs, rehabilitative protocols, physical therapy maintenance and more. Our programs are designed to equip and prepare participants to serve and work alongside medical professionals that improve patient care, treatment outcomes and sustainable health and healing principles. Our education programs are designed to be both experiential and dynamic in working with diverse client populations with a multifaceted skillset using yoga philosophy and modalities as an instrumental part of the health care continuum for education, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and sustainable health. 

Trinity Healing Foundation provides an expertise on personal health management through self-care, combating dis-ease by guiding patients on how to establish mind body integration, building pleasurable neuromuscular pathways that derail pain pathology, developing adaptive assessments with Ayurvedic applications, and implementing enhanced biomechanical training focused in fascia and improving functional potential for the mind body domain of healing. 

Trinity Healing Foundation is dedicated to making yoga therapy and mind body medicine accessible to communities through partnerships and programming- both online and in person. 

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